6 Workshops

CLIMATE negotiations

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Introduce participants to various negotiation techniques, tools, and strategies that can be applied in the context of climate change, particularly as they relate to existing UNFCCC procedures.

  2. Explore the role of non-state actors, such as NGOs and businesses, in influencing climate change negotiations.

  3. Highlight successful negotiation strategies employed by countries or organizations in previous climate change agreements, showcasing real-world examples that demonstrate effective approaches to reaching consensus.

Understand Climate Change: Learn, Connect, Act


Workshop Objectives:

  1. Provide specific practical skills for climate communication, such as crafting compelling climate stories, effective public speaking, persuasive writing, data visualization, and social media management.

  2. Delve into best practices that resonate with diverse audiences while maintaining scientific accuracy and credibility, informing public discourse, and inspiring climate action.

  3. Explore emerging technologies for climate communication such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) and how they can be utilized to enhance the effectiveness of climate storytelling and create immersive experiences for viewers.


Workshop Objectives:

  1. Debate the ways in which context-driven climate education & research can support the creation of locally relevant climate solutions & adaption policies.

  2. Identify obstacles that prevent effective climate education from being implemented across all education levels, including professional development.

  3. Address the need to diversify the sources of climate education, taking into account socioeconomic variables, indigenous knowledge, and regional contexts.


Workshop Objectives:

  1. Introduce participants to the diverse landscape of climate-related startup opportunities in the UAE and wider region.

  2. Guide participants through the process of crafting sustainable business models that align with climate goals, and support them in identifying revenue streams, value propositions, and customer segments for their climate startups.

  3. Navigate participants through the regulatory and policy considerations that can impact climate startups, and how entrepreneurs can work within existing frameworks and advocate for supportive policies.

On Eco-poetry and Literary Manifestos

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Create compelling verses using the power of imagery and metaphor to effectively convey emotions related to climate justice & action.

  2. Encourage diverse forms of poetic expression, including free verse, haiku, spoken word, and more, allowing attendees to find their unique voices.

  3. Explore the emotional dimensions of climate change by delving into the emotional spectrum of hope, despair, resilience, and empowerment.